1915 Law Applied to OKC Psychic

1915 Law Applied to OKC Psychic

February 17, 2017

1915 Law Applied to OKC Psychic
An self-proclaimed psychic in Oklahoma City has found herself in hot water after being arrested for allegedly violating a 1915 state law which forbids fortunetelling for profit!
The 102-year-old law is almost never enforced in Oklahoma and, in fact, it appears that only one other person in the last 25 years has been busted for illegal fortunetelling in the state.
However, authorities opted to arrest Sonia Lisa Marks after discovering her business and conducting a remarkable investigation that included two undercover visits to the psychic studio which was housed in her garage.
As one might expect, Marks’ lawyer takes issue with what he sees as the selective enforcement of the outdated law and with the nature of the prohibition itself.
“I wish someone could explain to me what is so horrible about someone reportedly being able to tell you what your future is,” Scott Adams told the Oklahoman.
While a conviction for fortunetelling only carries a $500 fine and a six month jail sentence, Marks is also facing additional charges for “obtaining money by false pretenses,” which is presumably her claims of having psychic abilities.
“She’s clearly targeted because I’ve never seen them do this to anyone else,” Adams argued to the Oklahoman.
Indeed, Oklahoma City is home to several other professional psychics who have never run afoul of the law due to their forecasting businesses.
So in that sense, it’s safe to say that Marks would have had no idea she’d wind up charged with the obscure law … unless she were psychic, of course.

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