Audio: 911 dispatchers save woman held against her will

“Hang in there. We will find you. Have faith.”

Mar 1, 2017

By PoliceOne Staff
SEGUIN, Texas — Two dispatchers are being hailed as heroes after saving a woman who was being held against her will.
Dispatchers received an open-line call on  Feb. 10 and heard a woman and man arguing, WFAA reported. Dispatcher Jessica Martin heard the woman say the man wanted to commit suicide and then the line disconnected.
Martin attempted to reach the line again  after her training kicked in and she realized the woman was in danger.
“She would hang up, and I’d call her back. We’d lose connection, or she’d hang up because he was suspicious,” Martin told the news station.
Dispatcher Denera White eventually reached the woman, and at one point pretended to be her mother. She only asked “yes” or “no” questions, ultimately leading the woman to text her.
Seguin police used a helicopter to find the man and woman, while White communicated with the woman via text message.
“They’re looking for you to help. Do you see the helicopter? Hang in there. We will find you. Have faith,” White told the victim in a text message.
Police located the duo and Enrique Nunez Leiner, 41, was arrested and charged with unlawful restraint, according to WFAA.
White and Martin said it was a win for the team.
“In 15 years you see a lot, but this was a case all on its own,” Martin said.

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